FI*Enjoy is a small Burmese cattery located in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

Our journey with the Burmese cat started in 1997 when Arbiter Frans, a little brown boy moved in with us. 1,5 years later we decided that Frans needed company. EP&EC Arbiter Cachucha, a chocolate female became his friend for life, they where inseparable. Cassa was a very beautiful Burmese female and she was a true showstar earning many BIS and BOX results! Our interest in breeding began to grow when we met other breeders at shows. Our breeding name FI*Enjoy is registered with FIFE since 1999. The first Enjoy litter was born over 10 years later, on the 26th of November in 2010.

At the moment we have 5 cats at home, NW SW09 WW09 SC FI*Seirene Justify My Love, JW, DVM, DSM and SC FI*Seirene Material Girl, JW, DVM, SC FI*Enjoy Brienne of Tarth and our youngsters IC FI*Enjoy Merigold and IP FI*Enjoy Dandelion. We have one litter a year, approximately. 

We hope you enjoy our cats and please contact us for any further information. For more recent updates, please like us on Facebook.

Marina & Vanessa Forstén

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